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10. How can I be assured my Intellectual Property, data and other information are secure, protected and kept confidential?

As we understand the sensitivity and importance of the security of your Intellectual Property, data and other information; we have set up a reliable Information Security System with the sole aim of giving you a safe outsourcing experience with maximum benefits. Various initiatives under the information security system are listed below:

Physical Security - Restricted Access to work area and desktops. Screening of visitors/ employees by a security guard during entry and exit for data storage media like floppies, CDs, USB drives, etc.
Data Security - No data movement is processed through remote access of client servers. We ascertain secure network and application access. Regular security audits are performed and all data is backed up on a regular basis in a data backup center.
Work Station Security - Workstations are secured individually by Anti-Virus, Firewall Protection and Back-Up Drive Manager. Limited internet access is provided on a need-basis to approved staff members only. No personal emails access, no facilities of external drives (CD drives, Floppy drives and USB ports) are available at the workstations.
System Security - Individual domain accounts for each employee ensure that the access to source documents is limited to authorized personnel only. Fax and printing capabilities are restricted at the processing site. Anti-virus software and Firewall security is regularly updated. Even the usage of paper in the Floor Area is kept very low.
Employee Credibility - Tested methods of capability evaluation and integrity while recruiting include, several rounds of assessment ending with background and reference checks. All employees sign a confidentiality agreement with the company before induction. Furthermore, core information is shared only within a limited group of people inside the company.
Non-disclosure Agreement - We sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client and a non-disclosure bond with all our staff, knowing that it is pivotal in reducing outsourcing risks.

Finally, we shall be happy to further engage with you to find out what makes you most comfortable with regards to your Intellectual Property and data.

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