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Outsourcing/ Off-shoring
Outsourcing/ Off-shoring (click for more details)

1. What is Business Process Outsourcing?

Business Process Outsourcing is about removing the processing functions from your direct operations (the tasks that hinder your business daily) to a service provider who specializes in providing the value added service to administer those processes. The task is then completed external to your business, while sticking to your specifications. Your Customers and Clients will never know the difference!

2. Why Outsource?

While globalization has opened up opportunities for business organizations, today’s fast changing economic and business scenario also passes on many growth challenges to them. These include economic uncertainty, increased competition, rapidly changing technology and constantly evolving markets and customers.

Outsourcing/ off-shoring Finance & Accounting operations allow a company to focus on its core competencies while qualified professionals carry out the Finance & Accounting activities. Cost/ currency arbitrage, time zone advantage (resulting in quicker TATs) and readily available and flexible domain expertise are among the key benefits of Off-shoring.

Other significant benefits such as freeing up of management bandwidth (to address critical business issues), standardization of process and raising of productivity levels are now being increasingly appreciated.

3. Who should Outsource and Why?

We would like to provide here an insight into the perspectives of various business types, so that you may decide how your particular business type could benefit from outsourcing.

Startups - New businesses need to be flexible and be able to react quickly to opportunities or changing circumstances. Management bandwidth and energies are required to develop the business rather than focus on managing compliance and back office functions. Outsourcing provides access to flexible, expert and professional resources to call on at this critical stage in the life of the business.
Business enterprises with large volume transactions of recurring nature benefit the most from Finance & Accounting Off-shoring. With outsourced Finance & Accounting operations, clients will be in a position to enjoy the gains arising out of the economies of scale, human capital management, flexibility and confidentiality of sensitive information, along with elevated quality, reliability and dependability.
Large and mid-size business organizations are the biggest beneficiaries of Finance & Accounting outsourcing by default as they invariably have large scale, repetitive operations. Standardized systems and processes also make it easy for such businesses to outsource their operations.
Growing businesses - Rapidly growing businesses require high quality human resource and expertise. Outsourcing can provide instant and consistent access to a resource pool of Finance & Accounting expertise to such organizations. While gearing up for expansion, it is pragmatic to outsource non-core activities as it helps the entire organization to focus on the one entity that really matters – the customer. Freeing up of physical space and other infrastructure comes as a collateral benefit to outsourcing.
Trusts, Property or Investments - Organizations, such as Trusts, Consultancies and Real Estate or Investment companies, may not need a permanent office. Outsourcing is particularly suited to these types of operations as it provides flexible, reliable and high quality Finance & Accounting services, without having to incur upfront overhead costs.
Special Projects - Outsourcing is an ideal strategy in the case of special projects - it provides a flexible, one-off or occasional Finance & Accounting resource to account for and manage Payroll, Taxation and related matters for such projects. It also offers a temporary resource for short durations at the local level.
Relocation - Setting up the business in a new jurisdiction, while relocating, is a challenge in itself. Having to worry about Accounting records, Payroll management, Compliance and Tax returns can only make the task harder. Outsourcing Finance & Accounting operations to professionals can effectively address these issues, allowing the management to focus on the action and key business matters.
Accountancy Firms Large/ growing Accountancy firms can reap the benefits of cost, efficiency and time through outsourcing Finance & Accounting engagements to professional firms having dedicated teams to carry out such assignments. Qualified professionals from the off-shoring firm perform the Finance & Accounting operations to meet the expectations set, in a safe and secure way, leveraging technology, while the Principal firm continues to engage the end clients and delivering the services.

4. Is it only transactional work that I can outsource?

Although transactional processing is the most clearly recognized outsourced Finance and Accounting function, it is just the bottom rung of OliveTree’s turnkey service offerings. OliveTree routinely performs highly sophisticated Financial Modeling & Analysis in addition to Customized Reporting, General Ledger Accounting, and Transactional Processing, in offering an alternative to in-house Finance and Accounting functions.

5. Why should I not go with larger name brand companies?

Larger name brand companies are more concerned about their brands and the top 20% of their clients; we are more concerned about you. For many larger companies, the smaller projects are just training grounds for their employees. OliveTree makes sure that you get the kind of involvement that you expect, for the investment that you make. Every member of our team, from the CEO to the very bottom is available to take care of your concerns.

6. How much money companies can save by using OliveTree’s Financial & Accounting Outsourcing/ Off-shoring services?

That depends on various factors like; type of work that has been offshored to OliveTree, how the measurements are set for cost estimation, time duration etc. Generally client companies can save from 40-60% of their total cost.

7. Who is responsible for overall quality of the off-shored Financial and Accounting work?

Based on the instructions provided by you, OliveTree is responsible for the maintaining the quality in the finished Financial and Accounting work and you will be responsible for verifying and communicating any quality issues that may arise in the finished work.

8. Who controls the overall Financial and Accounting off-shoring process?

You are the initial controlling authority of the entire offshored process. As soon as the work leaves your office, then OliveTree’s offshore team is responsible for finishing the work and sending it back to you. OliveTree will routinely notify you about the progress of the work and you may also ask for status, clarifications, etc., on regular basis. So ultimately you - the client, control the entire offshore process. In this respect, you can consider OliveTree’s offshore team as extension of your own office, though located in India.

9. What happens if I am unhappy with the progress/ ability of your employee(s)?

We will be directly responsible for OliveTree’s team members working for you. If you are dissatisfied with the output from any of our employee(s), we may either modify the process or provide you with a suitable replacement, as deemed fit. .
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