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Getting Started
Getting Started (click for more details)

25. How do I get started?

OliveTree will scope the role or duties required by you and supply a proposal and price quote within a few days. Once we have agreed upon the outsourcing terms, OliveTree will put the foundations in place using the following methodology

We will obtain some initial data from you to commence analysis.
We will commence working with your nominated representatives and structure a general overview of all functions.
Together we will reduce it to a short list of likely tasks.
We will then identify tasks, document procedures and obtain a more detailed understanding of your business.
Concurrently we will work with other areas of your business such as your IT support area to determine any system requirements, which then can be completed while the training is underway.
Once the Site Overviews are completed, we will review all the information and agree upon the functions to be outsourced.
Basic administration tasks can be outsourced immediately. More complex tasks may require further training and/ or supply of documentation.
If onsite training is required or you are more comfortable with onsite training, then selected members of our staff could attend your offices for such training to be completed.
Any processes or procedures not documented can be completed either prior or during training. You will need to review and sign off/ approve the documentation prior to implementation.
Initially we conduct a pilot handover phase of 1 or 2 weeks, for example, with our staff following these procedures and completing tasks. These will be checked by your incumbent staff for quality assurance and signed off/ approved.
Once satisfied with the results we will take over the task from that point forward.
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