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Contracts / Agreements
Contracts / Agreements (click for more details)

16. What Service Level Agreements do you offer?

Before the commencement of the project, we sign a mutually understood Services Contract detailing the responsibilities of each party, the deliverables, pricing, complaint handling mechanisms and the delivery schedule of the project.

17. If I am dissatisfied with the service, how are my interests protected? (E.g. cancellation of agreement, money/ time back policies etc...)

This is covered through clear termination clauses in the contract. However, we try to prevent the advent of any such situation by providing you with clear problem escalation routes. You may also bring any issue to the notice of the Operations Manager and/ or the CEO for redress and an appropriate solution will be provided.

18. How do I sign-off a contract or work order?

All you need to do is complete a given format and fax us a signed copy. You can also send us the work order as an email attachment.
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