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11. Does your team speak English?

Yes. Each member of our team speaks, understands and writes fluent English. Most are taught English as their primary language since grade 1 of school. Further, all technical education is in English.

12. Will I or my team have to stay awake all night to speak with your team?

Of course not! We know you have a life outside of work. We shall find overlapping times that are convenient for you to speak with our team, either daily or as required. When there are situations where you have to involve your team on an important meeting, during your day time, members of our team could be made available at that time to attend the conference call. At OliveTree, we will do all we can to accommodate our timings to yours.

13. Do we need to have dedicated resource from our company to coordinate and receive the work from OliveTree’s offshore location?

No, you do not need to have a full-time resource for this purpose; initially you would need to educate OliveTree’s offshore team about your internal working processes and may need to answer a few questions from the offshore team. Once you and OliveTree’s offshore team is comfortable in the working relationship, then from that point onwards all you need to do is send the work and verify to make sure the quality of the work exceeds your expectations. If and when needed, OliveTree’s offshore team will contact you for questions and clarifications, if any.

14. What if there is an urgent issue in the middle of the day (our time) and the team in India is not available?

We are conscious of this possibility. If need be, you will have a contact person available from the team in India to resolve such critical situations. We will do all we can to enable your business to run smoothly.

15. Is it inconvenient and expensive to call India?

Not at all! Rates to India are about 5 cents a minute. But you don’t have to spend even that much with tools like Skype and Gtalk available to help you eliminate communication costs.
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