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Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
What we offer?
Collecting, Organising and Transformation of Business Information
Processing and Analysis of Business data to understand the business issues
Design a new business model or improvise the existing business model
Presentation of various solutions and recommendations to improve your business

What is Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA)?

Business intelligence (BI) is a process which involves data analysis of business information which comprises of strategies and technologies to process the data and presenting actionable information to help the entrepreneurs to make business decisions.
The functions of BI include data processing, reporting, data structuring, statistical analysis etc. BI technology helps in analysis of structured as well as unstructured data to identify, develop and also create new strategies and business opportunities.
Business Analytics (BA) is an advanced level of BI which involves various skills, technologies and other practices for continuous investigation of past business performance. BA makes extensive use of reports, statistical analysis etc to make the best business decisions.
BI helps in understanding what happened, how often and where the problem is, whereas BA answers the questions like why it is happening, impact of such happenings, prediction of what can happen next and what is the best solution for it.

Components of Business Intelligence
Querying: It is the activity of obtaining information and resources that can help us to process it so analysis of same can be carried through

Reporting: The data that has been processed, structured and analysed will be reported as the results. This comprises of interactive scoreboards, dashboards, presentations, budgeting, planning, etc

Online Analytical processing: The definition of multi-dimensional models can be given with the help of advanced analytical processing. This process shall also involve business reporting, management reporting, forecasting and financial reporting, Leverage your existing Database expertise and software investment etc.

Components of Business Analytics
Decision Analytics: Our decision sciences consist of four stages as described below
• Our experts will work on the data and understand the business issues and drivers and envision the future of the business
• Prioritisation of short and long-term goals of the business
• Best service from our experts in designing the best strategies to integrate data with new technologies and solutions
• Our experts analyse technical approaches prioritised recommendations and presentation of various solutions
Descriptive Analytics: This stage comprises of comprehensive design and implementation process which includes revisiting the existing business model, forward-looking business approach, design and model a process for data integration etc
Predictive Analytics: This stage encompasses variety of statistical techniques that analyse the current and historical data of the business in depth and make predictions about future or otherwise unknown events.
Prescriptive Analytics: This is the final stage of BA where it not only answers the question what is likely to happen but also suggests on solutions for predicted issues, on how to mitigate the future risk.
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