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Finance and Accounting
Order To Cash

Order to Cash refers to the business process for receiving and processing customer sales.

In many business models a contractual relationship is established first via a Contract or Subscription. Orders are then received via different sales channels, such as phone, fax, email, internet or sales persons.

The contractual relationship is confirmed and the Orders are fulfilled through shipping and logistics. On completion of key events an invoice is generated and booked as Sales. If payment has not already been received, the debt is recorded and pursued through dunning cycles until the funds are received.

Order to Cash is completed by the Customer Care process through enquiries, requests and complaints handling.


Billing includes Verification of customer contract or sales order, Raising sales invoices based on the contract i.e Time and Material or milestone completion (which would be industry specific) and accounting for credit memos, Classification of goods as per VAT Act and a Daily review of postings.

Credit Control

Credit Control ensures that new accounts are credit worthy and that trade is happening between the two parties according to the agreed terms. It involves checking trade references, verifying application forms, opening new accounts after due verification, communicating to customer on opening of account, sending out customer statement on every specified date,  accounting for discount if received within specified dates, preparing reconciliations, writing letters to customers on accounts being overdue, notifying sales department about overdue payments, interacting with credit mangers for recovery, ensuring proper credits are passed only after authorization,  alteration of credit limits, attending to messages/ tickets raised by customers.

Cash Application

Cash Application includes applying payments against the right bills, communicating to customers on receipts, interacting with banks, credit card and other cash receipt agencies, Bank reconciliations, processing charge backs. It facilitates elevated recovery rates and decline in time taken to resolve exceptions.

Order Management

Order Management includes reviewing customer orders, contacting customers for resolution of queries, booking of order in the system, expediting order delays internally and issuing renewal notices.

Customer Master Maintenance

Customer Master Maintenance is used to add, modify, or delete customer master records. Customer master data records contain all specific data related to a specific customer such as name, address, telephone, bank details, sales related data, standard payment terms, contact persons etc.
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