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CFO services

The chief financial officer (CFO) is a corporate officer primarily responsible for managing the financial risks of the corporation. He/ she is also responsible for financial planning, record-keeping, as well as, financial reporting to the higher management. Further, responsibilities for both the strategic and operational aspects of financial planning and management of the organization could be included.

Today, CFOs are increasingly playing a more critical role in shaping their company’s strategies; especially in light of the highly uncertain macroeconomic environments, where managing financial volatilities is becoming a centerpiece for many company’s strategies.

Start ups and SME’s always cannot afford to have a fulltime CFO for their businesses. During the initial stages, when a company is started, CFO services are needed though not necessarily full time. The need continues to increase with the growth of a company and ultimately a full time CFO is required. Outsourcing CFO Services until a full time CFO is hired is often the prudent course of action.

OliveTree’s CFO services offer start ups, SME’s and other companies an alternative by outsourcing/ off-shoring CFO services at a much affordable price. Our services will provide you with instant access to a qualified advisor that we can match to your specific situation. The consultant who provides outsourced CFO services will become a useful ally and a stakeholder in improving the profitability, enhancing the value, and financial growth of your business.

Olivetree’s modern CFOs straddle the traditional areas of financial stewardship as also the more progressive areas of strategic and business leadership, with direct responsibility and oversight of operations expanding exponentially.

Whether it is an interim period for stabilizing a troubled company, or bridging a gap during an executive search, OliveTree’s trustworthy services can be utilized when and where you require the expertise. We are dedicated to helping our clients handle their financial future by being flexible and accessible.

CFO Services include:

 Strategy and Execution
 Corporate Reorganisation    Services
 Regulation and Governance
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